Strategy Managment

Our services have been categorized under three main headings


Korsell Corporate Consult delivers analytical and targeted business strategy and development solutions customized to the specific requirements of the client assignment. This service is divided into 4:

  1. Business Plans
  2. Module Development
  3. Proposals
  4. Financial Projections


We develop comprehensive business plans that anybody will be willing to read and invest in. Our business plans are complete, sincere, factual, well-structured and reader-friendly.

A business plan documents the vision for a business and how it is intended to be achieved.

Its purpose is to provide a reasonably detailed explanation of your business for use by potential investors, suppliers, prospective employees, accountants and other people who need a quick but comprehensive understanding of what your business does and its potential for success.

Our business plans have three elements: description of your business model; the marketing model and the financial projections. There are also the informative sections, including the executive summary, business description, marketing model, analysis of industry, competition, operations plan and management.


Financial projections provide a means for ascertaining the direction of business growth. Such forecasts help to ensure that your business is on the right track and offers the opportunity to design and implement the necessary control measures for business success.

The purpose of financial projections is to predict what your business is capable of in terms of revenues and profits, with the help of assumptions made on potential costs, market size, prices, marketing conditions etc.

The projections also help to make clear forecasts about the economic and financial status of your business. It helps you the business owner to come to the conclusion about the growth pattern, ROI, return on equity, how much investment is needed for your business and so on.

We prepare separate financial projections for trading businesses, service oriented businesses and manufacturing businesses.


The primary purpose for a business proposal is to solicit or develop a business opportunity by way of introducing your business as well as your products and services to a prospective client in a brief manner. A business proposal describes how your business will approach a particular project or solicit business from prospective clients. A business proposal is limited in scope to a particular project or need and generally has a specific audience. A business proposal describes the scope of work, a quote detailing materials, tools, labor, delivery and other elements of the cost of the project. A proposal is more of a marketing document, designed to convince the audience to do business by presenting a value proposition and a call to action.