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Capacity Building & Incubation

Our Business incubator (BIZCUBATOR) is a hub for creating and growing new and small enterprises. When starting a new enterprise, an incubator reduces costs and risks, offering potential entrepreneurs and their enterprises the biggest chances to survive. Our Incubator is stablished for enterprises to help them survive the early period of operation. Hence, we are a useful instrument which can be used to stimulate, form and grow new enterprises.

Strategy Management

KCC delivers analytical and targeted business strategy and development solutions customized to the specific requirements of the client assignment. This service is divided into 5:

  1. Business Plans

  2. Module Development

  3. Proposals

  4. Financial Projections

  5. Audited accounts

Fund Raising

This where we start the fund raising journey with the client. We take a critical look at the financial projections of the project presented by the client and draw up suitable funding options available to the client. We do this under two main categories: The Pitching platform and the Brokerage service

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