From business idea to business funding, the BIZCUBATOR program aims at guiding active and aspiring entrepreneurs to start-up or scale-up their businesses. By the end of the program members would be equipped to:

– Transform a business idea into a business plan;

– Develop the business skills necessary to guide a new venture;

– Link up with a network of potential partners and investors to grow the business.

The duration of the membership is  structured into four (4) sectional activities. For each section  a different aspect of the curricula is treated that addresses the needs of the start up or scale up process.

  1. The Business Idea: The first  step is the Business Idea. Members are required to have business ideas or the passion to be an entrepreneur. Members without business ideas will be provided with successful and well tested business models from other countries, to be replicated in their geographical areas). This will be done during our business diagnosis meeting; this meeting will provide us with the overview and nature of your business (scale-up) and business ideas.


2. Structuring the Business Model: In the second stage, the member, guided by the trainer analyzes his/her business idea. Members are aided in identifying the idea’s strengths and weaknesses and then structure out a business model, using the Canvas template: this work provides the base upon which day-to-day improvement is undertaken. Structuring the business model  includes the following:

  • Feasibility studies: The delivery of analytical and targeted business development solutions customized to the specific requirements of the member assignment. He will utilize proprietary knowledge networks, global industry contacts, and proven methodologies to identify and analyze established and emerging products, and technologies. With pinpoint accuracy, our information research skills enable us to proactively identify, evaluate, validate and report actionable information and commercial opportunities, particularly those that are under the radar, or difficult to detect – including early-stage technologies, start-up companies, and new markets in emerging countries. Whether the challenge is to find new avenues of growth, optimize business relationships, diversify regionally or globally, or deliver innovation, we have a strong record of success in making a real impact on member revenue and profitability.


3. Gathering of information and business plan writing: At the end of the second step a meeting will be scheduled with the members to discuss the activities so far. The results from the feasibility studies will be discussed and the business model will be accepted.

In the next stage the members is expected to provide the trainers with every necessary information about his/her business idea. These include: Aims, core values, objectives, management team (if available) and business certificate (if the business is registered.) with this information the trainers will write the executive summary of the business. Also the member will attend a networking event organized by partners of Korsell Corporate Consult.

The business plan writing itself will begin. It will be developed from the executive summary and the information provided by the members. The business plan will include the executive summary, marketing analysis, product or service description, management teams and financial plans.

At every step and whenever neccessary, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the first draft of the business plan and financial plan. This will identify and correct any misstates in the draft.

All the mistakes identified will be corrected  and the final plan will be made ready. After the completion members will attend their first pitch to seasoned international and local investors.


 4. End of Membership: In the final stage, business and financial plan will be officially handed over to the member and the membership will be abated. The member can renew his/her membership if he/she desires.